Wednesday, 10 September 2008

MA shed show day five: sheddism reigns ;)

i think i'm turning into a sheddist, i'm going to miss it in here and so will have to get cracking on getting one for my garden. but what will i do in there? haha we love sheds have just uploaded my sheds :)

confidence is growing and i'm much calmer and into it now-the little shed experince is definitley more engaging, i'm really liking the little memorial garden building up. some feedback below, the elements i have worked on are proving to be read better now. many people are saying that they need time to digest and mull it over as its so packed with ideas, so i'll have more to say then but some comments today;
  • great visual memory
  • loved it- i found it moving, reflective, and very memorable.
  • beautiful precision
  • very well done
  • very clever
  • it hit me where it hurts- in a good way!
  • wonderful piece
  • instructions a little unclear but the confusion made me think more about the experience i was in
  • very thought provoking
  • the image truly was magical
the clarity with instructions is still a bit of an issue- but i'm ok with that, i've sharpened it up a little but am leaving it now. the show needs an usher throughout but no one will want to do this for 1 hr 20 mins for a student show- this needs to be worked on if the show was to go anywhere else. a suggestion was made to have a third walkie talkie in the building, it would need to be on a different channel- to try out it out if i get a chance on this show, or if not, in the future.

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