Monday, 21 April 2008

Devising PART ONE of the space-in-between show- factory process+participation

ok- so want to get down here the structure of the idea for PART ONE (deconstructing factory processes- laura is working on developing our agreed structure for PART TWO-tea ) to then start rehearsing/walking through....

we know that my (in)visible exchange project at the nunnery formed the starting point but now responding to site, offering me experimentation with same process but different stories, context, objects, and working with another performer- laura, the project has evolved.

so- from my notes;

location- in the office- red light, table, 3 chairs, darkroom stuff, cardboard boxes

3- 5pm. 15 minute appointments. the office, 55 leroy street.

participants must bring a small item of home furnishings or clothing to us to exchange. they must surrender the item.

the idea being they will be exchanging an old history for a new one, exchanging archived material within the office- a site for people to go when they have a query, want advice, bring something back.

rough walk through;
participant knocks on door, hears 'come in' enters room, sits down.
laura and myself are either already working or begin working when person enters on some undecided ' office job.'
we ask them if they have anything to exchange
we talk to them about an item from our archive box donated by a former factory employee
we ask them if they want the archive object
via tools set, one of us deconstructs/ unpicks/ destroys item (needs deciding how with the participants- options matched to reason for surrendering it?), whilst other makes notes on an archive proforma the participants story they then tell us about the item- why they are giving it up?
after story ends- archive an agreed part, agree a photogram part- expose, develop
NON- VERBAL- sit and watch the photogram image changing
when image developed- we mount it into frame and pack it away
give out next appointment card/time to come back for PART TWO, and to see full archive back at 5.30

whilst story being told, photogram the item (who does this- us/participant) allowing for pauses and gesturing to keep the focus on the image at times and on us at others, fit to purpose and direction of actions, then mount i
t into frame and pack it away
give out next appointment card/time to come back for PART TWO

all photogramed frames from the room are piling up in the boxes. at the end of the 2 hours, these boxes and the tea items boxes are brought into the tea area for PART TWO.

  1. are we only photograming the participants broken item OR we could photogram them both on the same paper?
  2. make sure its not an illustration of barthes
  3. make sure that its not overly spelled out that we are exchanging, sharing an experience, fleeting materiality- save for the participant to still have to work?
  4. ensure correct balance between verbal and non-verbal communication
  5. equality??
  6. the nature of the former factory employee's stories- would be great to make them funny (hyper self?) and explore some of my new stand up ideas :) this would be a marked contrast to the death of the photogram in front of your eyes- nice contrast?
  7. this office needs careful consideration as walls are in poor state- Health and safety-ask linda
  8. maneuverability around space with 3 people in there
  9. temporality v art object- this was a huge area for discussion in (in)visible exchange- people will be given the option to take their exchanged item home- implying the history of the space has evolved by object left behind and the space-in-between history becomes part of some elses' history
  10. from our reversed factory processes, we are making a new product- our framed photogram, ready for the PART TWO and a comment on creating a piece of artwork as though to be hung on the wall of the new contemporary appartments- the site moving forward into the future from the past

provisional resources for PART ONE;
blackout material for the office- door doesn't close- gaffer, binbags/curtain,draft excluder?
lots of extension cables
black box
office lamp (or use overhead light?)
office table and 3 chairs (or 4?)
darkroom chemicals- get new?
safety lights
forensic bags
carbon paper
stapler, staples
cardboard boxes - how many?
frames x 10 (ikea?)
ready made reject pile of textiles
archive items pre-made
archive box

what are laura and i wearing? factory outfit- tabard?? or normal or jeans, tshirt type clothing?

to discuss all with laura tomorrow

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