Monday, 14 April 2008

Piecing together the most interesting bits and bob of my work and ideas... VERY WORK IN PROGRESS!!

georgina starr image from- ikon gallery book- 1998

as the diploma stage assessment starts to loom upon me- need to start to draw connections from the space-in-between performance and nunnery show towards ideas for the final MA show goes.....

so.....just flicking through my blog and free flow thought into the laptop... just posing a few notes to self about current loves/ likes/ exciting connections to keep a floating around;

in rummaging round my bookshelf found an old interest of mine- georgina starr (does this image above draw together my practice ideas ?)- i feel this image could be very emblematic for my work- many people have both talked about the chaos of thought i live in ('hyper harry world' or 'hurry harry' being names i have given been on occasions) and amount of kitsch and ornamental, old camera type bits and pieces which surround and define me in my flat.

perhaps its all becoming a mish mash of mine/participants stories articulated through personal objects (toy cameras, etc) photographic processes and imagery (projected, printed)??

maybe my performance is a series of chaotic, subversive, participatory, real/fictional stories? in a staged darkroom of sorts at WCA or site-specific (attic, den, shed, office, tent, makeshift kids dens wth a sheet between sofas, closet type space- maybe at participants home??!!) All the technology-the darkroom pieces and toys etc could all come out of a nostalgic box/suitcase and all go back into it, leaving not a trace behind, keeping it site-specific temporal and also am liking the idea- of a portable performance...mmmm....

so here's the rough rambling list;
  • georgina starr- animation, musical, installation, personal stories- theatre/art blurring
  • nic green- cloud piece BAC, feb 08- playful, surreal use of objects in storytelling, loss of innocence references, projection
  • julia bardsley- exhibition installation and performance-pinhole photography, boxes, self and mini-self, toy animals, non-verbal live self (where in trans-acts- mediated self narrates, use of chalk to write words)
  • uninvited guests- from nrla- working with participants material gathered via email then they take part?
  • martin parr- favourite photographer- visual wit, subversions, irony, makes me laugh out loud- look at this for selection of imagery
  • douglas coupland- inextricable detail to the pointless, mundane and everyday, use of humour, look at this style for storytelling
  • spalding gray- hyper self, richard pryor, stand up- intensely personal into the public
  • playback theatre- although not interested in the therapy emphasis- the performance structure in the re-telling of stories
  • mini-me, miniature world toy ideas (ways to explore the non-verbal?)
  • about personal stories or presented as personal- authentic/inauthentic. are the stories intended to be humourous?
  • telling stories using my toy cameras, old slide projector and digital cameras, digital projector- some kind of traditional/digital face-off akin to the cd/vinyl arguments.Or maybe present and re-present the same story using different technologies, how the technology alters the story? maybe the arkos player is one way to tell it?
  • photography as process- darkroom processes to carry out the storytelling and found slides/others photos to initiate it- venture into toys as pinhole cameras?
  • possibly me 'becoming' the camera in a story like a child does with their toys?
  • use the girl guide story again for this performance? but try out with photogramming the mini-me model, find a model sized tree, park bench and the matchbox? non-verbal??
  • intimacy- unsure whether the work is continuing to go in the one-on-one direction or for a small number?

i am wondering about the participation element which is really important to me for ideas of exchange- is this through dialogue/action in the performance or my material partly comes from others' photographs? maybe its like i re-tell the story in the participants family photo? and then they tell their version? or vice versa? mmm i quite like that .....without me ever being told about the original story (concerned about this with people i know...) who are the audience? how do i find them? mailing lists?

in the uninvited guests they ran the same structure performance containing a different set of participants stories each time which came from a group of those present- not everyones stories were used. idea to consider- extend the audience capacity? or people are invited to watch an exchange? hmmmm...not sure about that.

last point. i like the way georgina starr is sat surrounding by the objects in the above. enough now.

and yes, doug, i do need to edit ;)

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