Friday, 11 July 2008

MA Scratch Show Two- 10th July-granddads story

Ok- have decided that I don't want to put the video on here for this part as it gives the game away too much about use of the walkie talkies. It was fantastic for me to be able to review though as i wasn't physically present and saw the other side of the performance.

some points;

  • people really liked the use of walkie talkies-nice playful surprise
  • possible technical issues with use of the devices- get the balance between instructions and the story told
  • use of light to see the device- bigger/another one?
  • use of shelves/wall mounted elements
  • possibly open the lens cover outside myself? rather than fiddling with blinds?
  • difficult to find me on the ceiling using the mirror-reconsider how this is carried out/where images projects- this will be re-staged anyway in new shed, but needs careful consideration of inverting image and seeing what i'm doing outside
  • hard to hear some things on walkie talkie
  • interference from site staff's walkie talkies- added to it. however, what if this interferes so much you lose my use of it? needs investigating
  • push the nostalgia/quirkiness of the whole piece
  • doesn't matter if i need to come back into the big shed to help use walkie talkies- adds to the natural nature of the work
  • embellish granddad story more with details about his shed/activities/magic image- visualise the change now from the campfire presence with me in the room, my secrets shared, to the removal of me and mediated story, as though hearing secrets now from granddad's shed, granddad's secrets, where i have 'gone to'

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