Thursday, 10 April 2008

the-space-in-between- first performance planning visit -more photos

another google found image through typing 'office' (quite like this method of finding images as we have no idea what the space here actually ever looked like through the years) looks quite date, generic, devoid of bodily presence however signs of life- the signage don'ts- the token pieces of pleasing artwork-nice touches. thinking about the content of the image, which parts to use within the site to create meanings/interesting aesthetic

ok so virtual sterotypical office now projected in delapidated, redundant office- bright and colourful, cheery with plant and picture on the wall contrast to the actual dingy, dirty, dusty space

joke action - although this may be the participants means of gaining entry to the performance- and also the issue with the projection is on the door rather than inside

love this image again with the old vent in this stifingly small space and virtual generic artwork. the angle of the projector allowing parts to become dominant and others receding into the wall. we were trying out the moving the projector back so far that the images were life size for consideration of how this might impact on other exhibits in the final event

use of corner and across the window- getting to know the size and layout of room in relation to the scale of projection

again the matching of architectural forms and the non-descript generic artwork blurred further to obscurity through the damp, torn wall paper.


stevie said...

Hey hun, do you have blog-mania or what? stop it! you're making us look bad! ha ha. Anyway i love these images, the juxtaposition of the derelict office space and the projection of the working office space over the top works really well. Quite ghostly and atmospheric I think.

I know you said you were interested in Nic's work and just wondered if you've checked out her website (I know you probably have already but here's the link anyway)

ps - where are the miniatures?;)

harriet said...

hahahahahaha yep blogitus, its chronic :) and catching by the looks of it...fab!

i do love the colour in these images. got to work out wiht laura more injection of humour into the piece through the actions/dialogue

nics work i have been looking at- thanks- think its very up my street :)

we must chat boxes, sofas, chaise longues...!


harriet said...

and...the mini-me world will be back don't worry...