Wednesday, 16 April 2008

second visit to the space-in-between- first photos

ok- have roughly mapped out part one to be a deconstruction of items through stories from former factory employees and employing photogram techniques and forensic archiving within the office. (more to follow on this structure and content)

so today centred on the experiments for the second part of our performance- first ideas are to be exploring contrasting the ideas of the 1964 news article found on housing slums and a plea to the council to rebuild,and the future occupation of the building as contemporary appartments.

also now thinking rather than spending the whole show trapped inside the office- now coming out into the space (and widening viewing platform rather than door frame), we will be involving some kind of interactive projection between live and mediated self- in photos here we are experimenting with (laura unfortunately excited about special effects in the first photo -haha! although have to say the time delay was interesting until laura did a mexican wave..arrgh...) prerecorded footage packing up household items to leave whilst simultaneously live self is unpacking having moved in, projecting at different scales to see the visual effect, including at same scale so they overlap. this proved difficult in mirroring exactly the pack/unpack sequence(but in reverse), getting the timings and actions right.
the edges of the image also lost projecting onto window. liked the siting of this like a kind of third window along this wall, but the projection is faint due to backlighting. was important to film and then site the projection of the film, in the same place to ensure matching of scale, angle, back onto the space.

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Laura Bean said...

Haha! you loved my mexican wave... you even joined in!!! haha

Your photos are always so much better than mine :o( *boo*