Sunday, 21 September 2008

last two days of the shed....and into the real world

a long gap since blogging- another family wedding, and much needed rest and restoration! the final 2 days of the show i felt i really got into my stride with it. so much tweaking and editing along the way taking on board feedback meant this piece was as good as it could have been at this point- i was very happy with it overall. i'd got mixed feedback about it as one show which could have been easily been two, but i think i'm going to still consider if i was to do it somewhere else, as one me it feels complete but the gap/link in between could have been worked out better. feedback from the thursday assessed show;
  • fantastic, engaging show
  • admired the personality shining through it
  • packed with ideas, how packed do you keep something? maybe learn to be comfortable with one object.
  • kooky, surreal show
  • loved the uniqueness of it
  • simplifying the signifiers, how to make things clear without being reductive, filtering. difficult to keep up in places
  • work is highly intelligent
  • emotional pull of death and family and nostalgia, too much?
  • grandfather walkie talkie story was perfect- able to visualise for self
  • self as uber self, slightly jittery?
  • needed more plants but understood cost implications for this

so my thoughts on some of this feedback? the feedback on the walkie talkie grandfather story is interesting as its without live self or visual artefact- makes me think about exploring more when to produce the visual- the photograph is the punchline each time so its possibly time to think about whether the objects were needed? how would this have been if it was just table cloth, doiley and cat lady photo??
the jittery self is interesting, and i think i have maybe come across different in each part and some points nerves were rife, the rehearsed and the chance- could play with this further. i also think that i could try stories which were less morose to try to add a more stark contrast to the death of the photographic image.

this will be the last post before i start a new blog- it feels right to leave this now and embark on the post-MA life ahead on a fresh page so to speak. its been a really intense year which was a massive learning curve working out where i wanted to be, but i've created a practice i really enjoy massively. i've benefitted loads from tutors along the way as well as peers on VLP and fine art. i really wish that i'd got into my own practice more in term 1 alongside the group project and that the group project was more intense over a shorter period. its also been a very fraught year with lots of personal issues arising, my father passing away in may,serious illnesses in my family (the latter is in remission i'm very glad to say.)

to the future- i have just done a 2 day isadora workshop which was hugely inspiring and lots to take further. the light is coming on slowly of my integration of some digital back into my practice- my duckie show will be testing out the digital phone ideas i removed from the shed show part way through :) i also got lots of information about working in live art at arts admin event for emerging artists on thursday at toynbee studios so can start contacting venues/promoters. and finally, i'm starting teaching again as well ripe with hundreds of bonkers ideas....its all go...... signing off now xx

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