Tuesday, 11 March 2008

(in)visible exchange relic 3

A week on from visiting the nunnery and the closet of memory the piece still lingers with me and in fact grows. I still see the girl guide, the bottle of thunderbird, I hear the radio calming. I think about why I brought a present for Harry. My 11 year old daughter who loves art and experiencing all still treasures her photos. A woman I work with called Sam who loves Harry too talked about it and wished she had come. the experience is a kind and gentle drift into the past and the present. The style of story telling puts you at ease and frees you to enjoy the place and time. The detail and the kindness of the story helps you ease yourself into your own memories and the comfort they give. The harshness of the end of Harry's story is really moving as the girl grows up and has to move on. I took Harry a gift from a tree that was involved in a living gallery experiment at the Brit school. An event that Harry has joined and triumphed and made beautiful. I stole the memory form the tree and now have it as my own treasure. Little things. It is the little things that we hold dear. And I'm grateful to be reminded of that. It's always lovely to be reminded that we are all artists. The following day I made 4 playdoh creatures. I stood then on my window sill and then I put my new photo memories next to them. I then took a photo of them. I'm going to send them to Harry soon. I'm going to give them back.

emailed to me, many thanks! x

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