Thursday, 28 August 2008

thursday from the shed

camera obscura saga continues. putting gaffer tape on the pentaprism walls i want to block light leakage from

makeshift SLR like pentaprism housing- 45 degree mirror below pentaprism. light leakage is minimal but image is very vignetted still

i wanted the picture frame idea- the process of photography becoming the true picture on the wall- true to my practice

screen back to centre- looking at the image quality when its upside down with the action outside- can it be identified well enough?- yes i can now experiment with my proximity to the aperture

better screen fabric- can be pulled to floor more- t-shirt fabric, white, less textured, giving a purer image on both sides of it- DECISION MADE- not to invert image....PHEW!!!! need to build this in the story?

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