Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Image manipulation workshop

Sarah Pucill- You be mother

Ok- so to start to think about a possible departure from traditional photographic darkroom process as performance into other ways of playign with photography- outline for a workshop to do tomorrow with fellow VLPers....

Image manipulation workshop 27.3.08

Aim: To look at ideas on working with dual narratives- marrying or challenging the language of photography with storytelling

- addressing the aesthetics/meaning in images
- looking to the voice of the image/ the noise of the image
- developing a performative relationship with the image

This exploring is to suggest real or fictional stories or narratives through ways of using placement (image performing v backdrop) and different kinds of technology and surfaces to project onto or view images in; old slide projector, laptop, digital projector, flickr, modul8, photo album, cloth, cotton wool buds, postcard, screens, …etc. You can draw/create your own surfaces too and technology in its broadest sense extends from vjing imagery via digital projector to scissors, glue, ink manipulating imagery by hand.

I will be writing on a sheet of paper these key words i am interested in for the group to see and respond to through image manipulation and narrative/ storytelling

live v mediated

Task :

Using any of the available resources devise actions/sequences/narratives/stories through manipulation of the imagery in playing with technology, surfaces and the above words. Maybe only work with one word or a combination. Try out different kinds of technology with the same imagery.

To try out;

Analyse an image/imagery in connection to a word(s)

What technology can I explore to represent this? How does technology heighten or challenge intended meaning?

What technology works best to communicate the chosen word?

(If projecting) Where will I project, onto what, how- is it static in a performative exercise or moving or developing?

What scale am I working at- why? Does this change?

How can the performance body be manipulated with the image?

What story/narrative am I sharing? How do I do best this?

Where are the audience sited in relation to the outcomes?


Laura Smith said...

Love the image

harriet said...

cool- this image has always struck me- saw it when researching projections ages ago and realised she was an old tutor on my BA! the title links to image that is projected in direct relation to surface its projected onto. this was what i had hoped for the workshop although would have liked the surface to be performing in relation to experimenting for my work (teapot pouring etc)