Thursday, 21 August 2008

today from the shed.....stress setting in now...

this image above sums up today for me. my 11th time wandering and pondering round b&q. reflected on the camera obscura, playing around with the parts of the potential invertor and realising its all soooooo late in the day now and sheer panic setting in. a few more phone calls/internet searches to pentaprism/ optics specialists to see if this idea of mine could actually work and if not, i'm pulling it and will have to work on building the upside down image into the story and save this idea for the future- eyes bigger than belly maybe at this point

spent rest of time trying out different ways- foam sealant, gaffer, etc to seal out the white light form the little shed- its too poor though so needs proper frame sealant. i'm realising am being too precious and keeping it all absolutely shed like- this shed will be seen in possibly lower light and the floor will be not seen at all- doh!

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