Wednesday, 2 April 2008

intial ideas for the-space-in-between

ok, so this is to be a short sharp project given that the site is being redeveloped at end of april. laura came with me to the private view of forensic and originally thought it wasn't for her but now think there's potential material in it for her- maybe in past and present presented simultaneously. we have decided to start from the same stimulus, be in the closet, and see if we end up fusing an idea or just sharing the space with independent ideas.....we'll see. we need to find something then talk to linda the curator of the 26th april show. originally i wanted to literally take the nunnery closet piece here (i went to the private view a week after the nunnery show) but thought i needed to move it on somehow. the non-verbal suggestion by jordan mckenzie is intriguing to me- when he said it i had no idea how to do this or why bother, but the weekend workshop has given me ideas about tableau vivant, visual landscapes, using body and gesture, gaze, the importance of doing nothing, allow people the space to reflect on what's unfolding, the importance of the pause.

having decided to see at the moment what's possible with other people photos and projections, and still being interested in developing a meaningful narrative between traditional photography being killed by digital (or maybe its the other way round like the vinyl versus cd battle)...have decided to start at the local studies library in borough on thursday to i hope find photos and stories as a starting point.

there's something lovely about the title of this space, the space-in-between, its traces, state of disrepair, imminent destruction and new identity. photogramming the relics could be interesting and replacing where the relics were with a photogram trace, left for the builders to discard.

the office itself was suggested to me by dave miller at a crystal palace artists get together; he is doing an interactive installation for the 26th april show alongside caroline smiths spank. i feel i just need to get down here my original intentions which may change post visit to the local studies centre on thursday- what i liked about it was its fantastic sign generating all kinds of notions of unscrupulous deals, the room where people had been hired, fired, confidential confessions, secrets divulged, etc...the mind boggles and what goes on in offices...the secrecy element being the common bond between this space and the closet the the nunnery. in terms of creating a staged darkroom if i was to photogram again- office strip light with a red bulb, office desk for the participant and me the performer to sit across each other from.... with the keepsake box of the developing box being perfect here as it a cash box.

now need to consider the story/photos i find as the starting point and use of projection within this...the many identities the warehouse has had could provide an injection of humour into this piece- novelty items factory, wigs, plaster figures...of course looked at martin parr-esque...

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Loving the initial ideas. Really excited about the project, will post on my blog some initial thoughts aswell