Saturday, 29 September 2007

dithering at the first hurdle

ok, so a new beginning:) how to exploit my new blogging toy, what's possible? hmmmm. so firstly i find myself having spent ages debating the meaning of every potential blog name that popped in my head, (here's a selection- ramblings and utterings, my artistic misdemeanours, scene in the canteen, shufflings, overheard snapshots, unexpected experiments, visual blunders...) that best describes me and what i'm here for. it all felt rather random, so i set to better thinking about that question we have to face up to (and in my case, trimming down precisley to what's important to me) over the next couple of weeks.....DEFINE YOUR PRACTICE. gulp.

so there it is, having only very recently put a single wavering toe into the hopefully soon-to-be clearing waters of me as a performer (changing rooms social engagement experiment in august- asking shop assistants to give me a new look and them then taking my 'new image' photo on a disposable camera) i realised that i am a mish-mash contradiction of many things. that is to say, i'm high and low tech photo-film-animation obsessed,playful and daring visual artist, and a very scared as a scared witless thing once-only performer, as well as an interactive and interdisciplinary arts collaborator with a firm belief in the delights of the butter-on-the-bread-lands-more-side-up-than-side-down that cross-arts performative practice can bring. i'm hanging around the edges of many things looking in with an air of excitement and trepidation.....

so insanely inspired was i by (re)actor, live digital arts conference held in leeds, 10 september that i took the lead from them for blog name (use of brackets, that is) and considered how i related to the performances, ideas and papers presented. for me the work at (re)actor was either pretty confrontational or almost hidden,directly performative biased, and produced through either high or low tech methods or a combination, using technology that was seen or unseen....and as i begin to ask these questions in defining what i am now and may want to be, (in)visible becomes my blog.