Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Forensic show March 08 and the space-in-between

I went to this show which had some fellow Crystal Palace Artists exhibiting in it and also to check out the space for potential for taking my nunnery piece somewhere else during april......this site is a rich resource of material as a starting point in itself, of particular fascination i found the meticulous cataloging of the artefacts and history of the site by linda duffy and the peep holes by stuart mayes-eyes boring into other worlds....

From the press release from Linda Duffy, show curator;

"The Space In-Between is an umbrella for a series of experimental research and development projects. It aims to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations that extend artistic practice and provide opportunities for artists to share new work with interested audiences.
Forensic is the first ‘The Space In-Between’ project. It takes the space itself as the starting point for an exhibition of installations and interventions. The building at 55 Leroy Street awaits transformation from vacant light-industrial warehouse to contemporary apartments. Structural and cosmetic changes to the interior have created an environment that bares traces of previous occupants. Though specific references are difficult to locate there is documentation of trades including wheelwrights, underwear makers and ‘novelty’ producers registered at the address.

Seven artists were invited to investigate the historical and current condition of the building – the exhibition presents their responses.

Linda Duffy has meticulously collected and catalogued materials found on site. These materials are shown along with drawings that literally trace incidental marks and stains left over time. Duffy examines the relationship between the real and what the imagination imposes, her project challenges the idea of reliable evidence.

Mo Lewis creates work that explores the natural light in the space. The light entering the building changes - from minute to minute and day to day, yet considered over a period of years it remains a kind of constant.

Stuart Mayes’ installation of spy holes opens up the structure of the building. Visitors are invited to peek into usually hidden spaces either side of the room they are in.

Joao Ornelas removes and relocates a segment of the interior fabric. This segment evidences the outcome of human interaction with the building. It is framed to present a snapshot of an event that has occurred.

Dolores Sanchez Calvo relocates a door to a corner of the room where there is no opening. The relocated door addresses the old history of the building as well as the imminent conversion into flats with new spaces and doors.

m p villaseƱor creates a visualisation of activities hosted by the space. She directly references the succession of diverse small industries with her choice of materials.

Mandy Williams’ black and white photographic print resembles a strip of wallpaper. Hanging beside the peeling walls the photograph applies archaeological layering to the trades that have occupied the building.

As the building imminently transforms into modern apartments it’s past becomes merely a design element, a backdrop. "
L Duffy, 08

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