Thursday, 31 July 2008

thoughts from stand up into live art

Specifically on the storytelling front:
  • I really need to practice telling stories, and the mood I want to create to draw people in and keep them there- pacing is crucial.
  • The naturalness side is bugging me massively in what I have set myself up for in the 2 shed MA show- need to look at this in the storytelling live and then via walkie talkies- how the transmitting the story changes it when I'm not physically present- this is the weakest side of the show to work on over the next month. When am I telling a story too falsely???? Need to be more self aware- video, dictaphone, my new friends : ) to put trials on my blog for feedback.
  • More Spalding Gray et al research. Analyse live examples more like i did on the stand up course - style, techniques, not just his writing.
  • Devise a plan for some experiments and re read autobiographical storytelling works.
  • When to use humour or when not? Am I trying too hard to be funny in the MA show- to push the eccentricity?
  • Where does the non-verbal fit into this- manipulation of the objects, gaze.I really enjoy handling objects to bring alive key moments
  • Can I do the first shed part much more through the photo album imagery and objects- like i'm telling story through the object? Or writing? Thinking back to Julia Bardsleys Trans-Acts where live self was entirely non-verbal yet you read a narrative- maybe there's a middle ground- but basically i do think in the shed i say too much.
  • Can I devise the same story but through object and image and then find the mid ground? But also need to be tough on self about Nanny's story- some of its not interesting- opens up issues of authenticity and autobiography. be critical of self for the story- take it apart, what does each part add to the performance?
  • How then, does the story work with the photographic elements.
  • research more on family album use, content, layout, labels, 'create' one from flickr??? use own photos??
  • consider more critically the relationship between image and word- the idea of 'a picture speaks a thousand words.' what do i not need to actually say by showing???

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