Friday, 22 August 2008

from the shed on friday

ikea workbench for little shed. little shed is to be a working shed, so work bench and stools

stool options. i like the folding option for one of the stools as it implies its been brought in and the space is usually for one.....however this is more expensive and a minor detail to not worry about as in the dark...
a fancy stool
like this one , bog standard, everyday and 8.99 like the price too. all good stuff to have for new shed post show in my garden :)

space occupied by workbench- played around with me and a person in it and pretend sitting on stools- felt cosy but ok- need to check workload of as may need another base board on floor

comes down into shed too far

opaque rubber sealant- slick finish will be ok in amber light- keeps out white light

trying brown sealant- too obvious in amber light

playing around with the space- have spent a fair bit of time just sitting in here seeing how the light changes in different weather patterns (very bright amber glowing in knots and joints in bright sunlight- the forecast for september :) , and the ambient sound. its very noisy from the work in the theatre. am pleased to have asked for no entry to the back of the shed

good news today about the lens/mirror inverter for the camera obscura- found a lovely helpful optics company who confirmed my idea for a pentaprism and mirror although price was super expensive so searched the internet and found a vastly cheaper option :)
i was thinking about how to make a frame to hold the pentaprism above the 45 degree mirror and it was staring me in the face- to use a picture frame with liquid nails- its says everything i need to about the process and act of photography, the event of photography being more important,that being the picture on the wall, being in the moment rather than the moment that has passed. can't wait for it to arrive tomorrow and make it.

the other revelation today as i start to feel calmer after yesterday... is for how to open this performance. i am thinking about the idea of leading people to the shed and having a group photo on my phone outside the shed- with me in it all crowded together.supports a lot of the paul jeff and trachenberg ideas i like about strangers as though they are known or know each other (but relies on me being clever with scheduling the audience slots and won't be able to control this for the assessment sadly) . and of will only ever be temporal.........hehe AM EXCITED THAT I FOUND A WAY DIGITAL CAN BE A PART OF IT. and rightly so. the immediacy of picture taking and deleting- so throwaway, disposable. its coming together!!!!!!!

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