Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Home Suite- domestic performance

image from www.katherinewheel.com website

this Home Suite performance by the collective , i have emailed to go see- people have paid the collective to have it staged in their homes....hmmm...this makes me think of the idea i had for a portable performance coming from a suitcase/box- in a participants own home, staged darkroom and projections in a den/closet/shed type performance. or- i create a light tight portable darkroom tent which i take an erect in a participants home/garden/etc

am still unsure about whether my work is continuing to be one-to -one, the space-in-between will be good to try this out in small numbers- threes and fours, and how this changes to nature of the performance.

would participants have to have a particular thing in common, which is explored in the performance?- like uninvited guests at nrla- song dedications to someone you love

eg same secret to share- 'something you wouldn't tell your mum'
all got an older brother? and bring a photo of them and their brother?
story of 'loss of innocence'??
all bring a box of secrets/memory box?

how would i establish this commonality?


Laura Bean said...


I found a woman in Canada whilst I have been researching tea who you can invite round to your house to have a tea party and she tells you all about tea and its history!

I'll try and find it again later - it might interest you

harriet said...

cool, yeah give me the link...am getting massively into portable performance- reckon its got legs- mentioned it to rebecca the other day and she thought it sounded fun!