Saturday, 9 August 2008

MA show shed build day five

ok- today was the hardest as i was entirely on my own (everyone i know is either on holiday, at work or building their own show) having to hold bits in place and screw at the same time. this was as well as having to ring walton sheds as, it turns out, everything is not pre cut to size and the window frames have to be cut :( so sawing and sanding and sheer brute force later, the windows are nearly there apart from they need to be held at 45 degrees to screw on the hinges. still its all good to be doing a lot of the work myself for the show, and great experience for when i put up a performance space/workroom in my garden in the autumn to continue my live art antics.....:)

only the fascias and one hinged window to go on monday before it undergoes its subtle inner transformation into a camera obscura.....the fun bit :)

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