Friday, 15 August 2008

electricity-less shed safelight and blackout

ok- for part two of the performance. the safelight torch from nova has arrived but it push button and might be fiddly and isnt that bright- however its entirely portable and shed like, can be work round my neck :)

for finding a more permanent switched on light source, am using photo forums,like where i posted here or here, silverprint, nova to try to work out a battery operated safelight
  • red LED torch- i seem to be only able to find a white LED one with a red laser pen feature :(
  • torch/lantern with red filter or kodak safety filter info here
although i've mostly worked in red safety lights in darkrooms, it occurs to me that the amber safety lights would be more fitting for the show as a warm campfire glow- these work with resin coated photo papers although where to locate is another issue- and they are all glass. really i would want a gel- silverprint suggested this- Lee filters. the distance of the safelight to the paper increases risk of fogging- tests needed once found/made a safety light.

blackout of shed windows- silver print make fabric for this to attach with velcro-am dusting off the sewing machine for gingham shed curtains sandwiching the blackout:)

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