Friday, 15 August 2008

MA show build day ten

cutting supposedly pre-cut pieces like on the big shed- time wasted cutting to size :(

little shed up!!! thanks for all your help mandy!!! we can now put shedbuilding on our cvs;) the fine weather all day really helped too, the suntan lotion in the eyes, hitting thumb repeatedly, did not. this shed is much more light tight already although draft excluder and timber edging needed- don't think need to sheet ply the walls as thought which saves lots of time

now need- blinds, all light tight, door locks, staining on top of the photo-adaptations...i feel another trip to b&q coming on... monday and tuesday will be away in cardiff interviewing paul jeff and emma hart for the MA assessment and professional practice so back to it tuesday pm

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Laura Bean said...

They're looking great!!! Thank god for that!!