Tuesday, 26 August 2008

tuesday show build- feeling like a real shed!! hooray!!

velcro round frame for blackout

cutting lens from old pair of glasses

reinforced floor to take the weight in the little shed

eliminating light leaks- beading

lined blackout curtains on the inside

ikea workbench assembly

and the stools and the workbench move in- plus the working shed radio- the perfect companion!!

its cosy but i like that

this view will disappear soon to be ginghammed out

workbench accessories. the radio reception is great :)

my seat on right, left for participant ready to flee by the door

purposely chose a bench with a shelf underneath as space is tight can't fit shelves on walls

tomorrow- need to wait in for the delivery of the prism so can be rehearsing, sewing hems, and sorting out the documentation for assessment, oh and mentally preparing for another trip to b&q for curtain rail......

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