Friday, 11 July 2008

MA Scratch Show two- 10th July- flower stories

Participant one- Ema (thank you!) This is really interesting for me to reflect back on as the one-to-ones I have not recorded before apart from for demo purposes due to their private nature- but recorded its a work in progress to aid development- and am glad i did.

points to note;

  • opened with' tell me your connection to this flower.' is this good? possibly this piece is about floral tributes/dedications like my cat wreath story? name of person left on the tag in the pot?
  • i don't think i listen and respond directly to the participant enough on this occasion- could have encouraged them to talk more about their nan, i notice i steer the conversation back to the flower itself rather than centre on the story they are actually sharing- maybe look at more ways of keeping it centred on the person. more eye contact (need to seriously get into this more in this whole performance- i think i did in the nunnery/EEC as the tight proximity dictated by small space encourage intimacy and I felt very engaged- sitting down we seem to be further away or slightly turned away?! staging needs considering which will come once sheds erected.
  • the spray bottle doesn't allow for the image to be recognised enough as a flower-if at all. possible other shed technology- doug suggested jam jar and paint brush. its difficult as i have used this photogram technique many times now but i think people still want to be able to see the image. however the splattering effect resembles soil- more testing needed.
  • i felt the image developed far too quickly- greater dilution/less time- experiment
  • must consider flow of audience from part one big shed into part two- increase audience size? however- i disagree as i feel its a personal one-to-one event
  • it was suggested people could write the story on the label and plant it instead of tellign me- but this goes against the private sharing in the shed, fleeting materiality of the story, unless they wrote it in ink which fades (or maybe lets not get so Columbo/Miss Marple!!)

'dying' photogram planted with the growing, re potted flower. need to get proper garden centre labels cut to the appropriate size. what to do with the bits not selected?

rough 6 x 4 foot space- this little shed will be a photographic workroom so no need to be temporal workstation (and it would be too time consuming to keep taking it all out and putting it all away)- have the technology hanging up/on shelves/table/workbench? the temporality is centred here on the image and the shared story.

mini-garden/ planters area. the area would have the labels being planted around the flowers

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