Tuesday, 12 August 2008

MA show shed build day seven

light leaks! although it adds an unexpected warm campfire glow to add to the intimacy (although this effect lessens when overcast and increases when full sunshine) it may affect the visibility of the projected image- the light leaks through the knots in the wood give a really lovely effect- like the light is fighting to get inside against the one hole which it is allowed to come in as an aperture.

however, the light leaks are much worse than thought with a shiplap shed- more between the wood joints as well as through the knots in the wood...looked at various options including the shutter ply board as an inner wall, which still gives the desired knots in the wood for the hole i need, but a costly option and loses the wood strip effect throughout the rest of the shed- but is a shed material. other options- painting the inside/outside, pond sheeting, (both making a 'set' and less 'shed' ) wood filler sealant (if barely visible, although time consuming, a good cheap option.) think in the morning will work on addressing the functionality and cut the aperture hole in a knot in the back wall and see how visible the image is without sealing the wood. i want to hold on as much as possible to maintaining a real, everyday wooden shed with minimum compromise on this to keep the maximum play on the word shed itself in the content of the work and the context it happens in.

door sealed with wood to try to make it more light tight- thinner hardboard replaced with the timber to keep it as normal looking as possible. possibly staining to keep in line with rest of wood- but only if time!!

makeshift blackout to see how bad the light leak is from the rest of the shed- real blackout being investigated- gingham inner and outer with blackout fabric sandwiched between or just blackout and velcro? how much do i really want/need to open the window to pass items through?

boarding options chipboard (cheap, the roof and floor are made of this in the other shed) and shutter ply. the other shed as a darkroom may well need this option and the chipboard won't look at all out of place in there

cat sneaked in....keeping a watchful eye over the whole process...

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