Monday, 10 March 2008

(in)visible exchange demonstration of an experience- PART TWO

PART TWO- your story

ok- so here's lena's story. i like the way the camera is searching for focus upon leaving the closet and entering the gallery space again showing the separation from where it just came from back into the art gallery. perhaps i needn't have explained so much about why there was a choice of 3 endings, that is was obvious by putting photo on the floor it was no longer precious?

using the video camera kinda as a participant like Curious do, I found quite difficult to carry out in that it makes the experience becomes de-personalised when in fact the sharing of a memory between two people is actually a personal experience, the camera in a sense then becomes an awkward spectator? i also think that the problem with someone other than self with a camera recording the experience is highlighted here too; you don't get your point of view, eg the details you notice of the environment- tiny size of the closet space, layout of all the equipment, the mop by the door, hoover, trays of screws, bottles of cleaning fluid that start to appear as your eyes dart around during the engagement, and also the camera in this case centres on the image and not the gestures, eye contact, smiles, body language going on between myself and the participant- you focus on the tone of voice and the image developing- which is obviously what lena found to be of interest. but still its a useful record of some aspects- it shows me what was of most interest to my participant, and also becomes an aide memoire to demonstrate the actions that accured. It feels looking back on this rather a more wooden experience that i had felt at the time- less intimate for sure.

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