Wednesday, 16 April 2008

second visit to the space-in-between- second photos

second part of performance- new photos

so...then tried moving the projector to a side space- kind of alcove, where from the last art show 'tea' had been repeatedly written on the wall. laura had idea about having a tea party- when linda came down to see what we were up to (the curator) she said that London tea stores used to be based at this site once- so a great coincidence! this time i was in it so laura could see what it looked like- laura filmed me and the resultant projection-live self walk through and will put on this blog too. when i tried this exercise- packing and then unpacking the table contents- i was looking to be precious about the items- carefully folding the table cloth and doiley etc- like my Nunnery matchbox items, very precisely put down onto the photographic paper. and again another box!

liked the tracing paper- softening the image. we talked about back projections and shadowplay like in Complicite's work, but decided we wanted us to be seen live.possible thoughts about side panels partially obscuring the audience view. possible trials with other surfaces- suspended or held and folded so image projected disappears as object is packed away (emphasising the temporal quality of a projection alongside the imminent departure of the projected self packing to leave) tablecloth, doilies (could be good as has holes in it for image to be partially trapped and partially free to go through)

anyway- drafted a structure today looping a 5 minute performance idea based on live and prerecorded self- laura mentioned possible idea to frame it of domestic rituals.

we have realised how very differently we approach work- being poles apart in our pre- MA backgrounds (me-fine art, laura, theatre) we are meeting well half way! i can't leave the visuals alone trying to see how they can perform with the body and narrative and laura wants to be devising narrative with the body and then think about the visuals!! this show is a good learning experience for us both :)

we are also both hugely interested in process as performance- trying out the deconstruction and reconstruction ideas, photograms process and ideas surrounding sharing a work-in-progress.

more soon...


Douglas said...

I like the second image of your body with Laura's leg. It reminds me of the magician trick of the assistant disappearing behind the draped clothed. Though this may seem a simplistic analogy --in fact, there is milage in the idea of presence. The fact that we know Laura is behind --we as the spectator want to engage in the play of this disembodiment. The fact that magic appeals to even the most jaded spectator is our inherent desire to construct reality with visual/illusion. Which--excuse the pun-- is primarily what you are looking at. You are tricking without tricking--there a nice sense of irony--and politically it challenges the spectator to question everything they see. Basically Nietzsche in a box--or in your case outside the box

harriet said...

i like the fact that i hadn't really looked that closely at that particular image- we were looking at whether light went through it at that point. and now i look at it in a different way. its like when so young held the paper to her face and my child face projected onto it- projecting another identity- fleetingly, fragmented. magic (like my matchbox opening in the closet), visual wit all appeals to me and the temporal nature of this offers a momentary alignment then snatched away.we are trying some of this with our space-in-between piece on saturday. the questioning of truth in all other imagery/content too of that which is presented in a show is all good- leaving you with out knowing whats real anymore- pointing to my notions of the 'flickr/carboot found family'. i like moving the projector/surface in fragmenting and then 'unifying' (eg legs join up) as a whole. hopefully more ideas will come out of saturday