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MA Research Paper- Diploma stage assessment- Bibliography

Annotated bibliography- Articles, books, websites

Bardsley, J., 19/11/07 lecture at Wimbledon College of Art.
Bardsley discussed chronologically a range of issues and projects she has explored.

Bardsley, J., 2007. Julia Bardsley website accessed on 30/4/08

Barthes, R., 1980. Vintage ed. Camera Lucida, London: Vintage.
- theoretical and critical examination of photography exploring the nature and thus inherent problems and interpretations of photography being cited a model of objective truth, including examining the relationship between photography and theatre, temporality and the ‘death of the image.’
Bishop, C., 2006, Participation, Whitechapel MIT Press, London
Book exploring theorists and practioners work surrounding Participation.

Berghaus, G., 2005, Avant-Garde Performance: Live events and electronic technologies, Palgrave MacMillan, UK
Book discussing approaches to non-matrixed and theatre performance which use technology.

Burgess, M, 23 August 2007. Trachtenberg Family Slideshow players accessed on 3/1/08
Article reviewing a performance of their work and explaining their concepts.

DIA website, Introduction to Present, David Claerbout. accessed on 1/5/08
Article discussing Claerbout’s work and ideas.

FrenchMottershead- 2007, FrenchMottershead website accessed on 29/4/08
Information about all their participation projects exploring their live ‘micro-perfromance’ work.

Gilles M., 1997. Photo Speak, Abbeville Press, London.
Guide to the ideas, techniques, and movements of photography 1839 to the present day.

Hall, J., 15 December 2004. The Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players, Soho Theatre, London accessed on 29/4/08
Discusses the band who are "an indie-vaudeville conceptual art-rock pop band" who "take vintage slide-collections found at estate sales, garage sales, thrift stores etc, and turn the lives of anonymous strangers into pop-rock musical exposés."

Heathfield, A., 2004, Live Art and Performance, Tate, London
Survey of issues and ideas in contemporary practice.

Kaye, N., 1998, Art into theatre, Harwood academic Publishers, Singapore.
Exploring how art fuses with theatre including experimental practitioners Station House Opera.

Kirby, M, Winter 1965, The New Theatre, in The Tulane Drama Review, MIT Press, USA
Essay discussing non-matrixed theatre with reference to key practitioners in happenings and fluxus, e.g. John Cage, Allan Kaprow.

MIT List Visual Arts Center website. David Claerbout exhibition 2008. accessed on 1/5/08

Sandbye, M., 2005, Performing the everyday, found in Gade, R., Jerslev, A., 2005. Performative Realism, Interdisciplinary studies in Art and Media, Museum Tusculanum Press, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
Article discussing Performative realism in photography.

Sayre, H.M, 1989, The Object of Performance, The University of Chicago Press, Chicago.
Includes discussion of the work of Nicholas Nixon.

Speed, L., March 2005, Tino Sehgal, Art Monthly, London, UK accessed on 3/1/08
Article about Tino Sehgal- Devises instructions for others to perform, visual artist with no visual outcome. Work entirely exists only as an experience- no documentation

Annotated bibliography- Performances/Exhibitions/Conferences

Bardsley, Julia.-Trans-Acts, April 2007, Spill Festival, Shunt Vaults, London. “Trans-Acts forges an intimate dialogue between the audience & the performer, the artist & the creative process, live presence & the visual art object.” Exploring using pinhole photography in different ways and live presence and video thorough dialogue.
Bardsley, Julia. –Almost the same, February 2008, NRLA, Glasgow. Large scale performance explore exhibition and interaction, film, costume, and non-verbal communication.

Fry, Katharine- Home suite, Camberwell, London, April 2008. Performance exploring creating intimacy in personal domestic spaces.

Green, Nic, Cloud piece, BAC, London, February 2008. Performance exploring humour, storytelling, use of fun, playful, portable props.

Smith, Caroline. Spank, Antenna Studios, Crystal Palace, UK, September 2007, and Intimacy Symposium, Goldsmiths College, December 2007, NRLA February 2008, The Space-in-between, Bermondsey, April 2008. Real and virtual performer storytelling bringing together the autobiographical and the historical, using objects to tell stories.

Playback theatre- Untitled, Candid Arts café, Islington, November 2007.
Storytelling as therapy inviting audience members to share stories to then be played back by a team of actors. Focuses on the feelings and uses metaphors to aid depicting emotions. This event asked for short and then longer stories about what people were doing at 10o’clock that morning.

Playback theatre- In the blink of an eye, Newtown theatre, Sydney, November 2007.
Same idea as at Candid Arts but with a set theme and longer storytelling. Stories revealed included one audience member telling the story of, “the day I got my diagnosis aged 18 for MS.”

Starr, Georgina, Visit to a small planet, 1994-5, Tate collection accessed on 1/5/08

Theatre Materials/Materials Theatre conference. Central School of Speech and Drama,London, April 2008. Included Audience’s body as theatre material panel discussion with FrenchMottershead.

Uninvited Guests, Love letters straight from the heart, NRLA, Glasgow, February 2008. performance exploring participation and intimacy amongst strangers.

World as a Stage, Tate Modern, London, November 2007.
Included work exploring theatre and art practice, including Tino Sehgal, Jeremy Deller.

Intended Bibliography

Auslander, P., 1999, Liveness Performance in a Mediatized Culture Routledge, UK

Baker, B. & Barrett, M., Bobby Baker: Redeeming features of daily life, (London, Routledge, 2007) Uses stories to play out everyday life events.

Chapple, F., and Kattenbelt, C., 2007, Intermediality in Theatre and Performance, Rodopi, New York

Dixon, S., 2007, Digital Performance, MIT Press, Massachusetts

Gray, S., 1985, Swimming to Cambodia, the Collected works of Spalding Gray, Picador, Pan Books, London.
Ideas about hyped up storytelling

Green, D., 2004, Visible Time, The work of David Claerbout, Photoworks, UK

Pippin, Steven 1999 Turner Prize shortlist announced, Steven Pippin, 3/6/99.
accessed on 3/1/08
Web page discussing Pippin’s work in the context of being a Turner prize nominee in 1999, including looking at the pinhole camera container matching the nature of the subject photographed.

Stand up comedy- storytelling exploring tools and techniques in subversive and hyped up storytelling.

Starr, G., 1988, Georgina Starr, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham, UK
Exhibition catalogue surveying Starr’s projects using digital storytelling.

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