Wednesday, 9 July 2008

MA Scratch Show One- 8th July- videos of the work-in-progress

this is all such an incredible rush to evaluate and revise ready for the second scratch version here's my best bash at it....

to compare to this one from post grad forum 12th june 08;

reflections on these;
  • scene set with the objects laid out more in post grad version. i tried to hold back on this in the scratch- putting out the table cloth etc sets a nostalgic/old lady scene immediately, and i wanted to try to centre the attention on visualising from my verbal storytelling, that the objects i produce from the suitcase are there to erase the image. doug thought that the objects should be brought out during. i'm unsure- the thing that came up with the nunnery was watching the image and watching me when happened at same time. try out the post grad forum way in scratch two
  • the story was too much like a performative monologue- needs to be more conversational and natural more like the post grad forum, but sharper, shorter? script it?
  • too much borrowed from stand up in scratch one-tone it down, more down the pub conversation
  • liked the amber lighting although need portable light as mrpoe shed technology
  • doug felt the photography was getting lost in the performance- however on reflection i disagree as part two flower stories it is at the heart of the performance, however story could emphasise more on the photography side in it- shed camera obscura
  • monty python did a sketch with sheds- maybe look at this if interested in developing the humour side
  • use more shed technolgy eg homemade speakers to amplify sound in the shed from when i'm outside
  • maybe break up the story going outside shed mid way? possibly too much talking at the audience?

Ok- so things to try out;
  • Less performative self-script the story and edit it more
  • Investigate shed technology for sound and try out
  • More relationship between inside and outside the shed with the story- poss try out granddad story entirely from outside?
  • Tighten up the instructions to participants if they are to control the mirror etc
  • need to make a better makeshift smaller shed for demo purpose of intentions- cardboard?
Flower story- to do;
  • layout of 6 x 4 foot shed
  • more blackout
  • test garden spray bottle (shed technology) and timings
  • make a makeshift little garden for flowers for people to pick outside the shed
  • consider my role in this- facilitator, how to start and lead the stories?

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