Sunday, 22 June 2008

Post Grad Cross-MA Forum 19th June

Ok- so tried out a mini-performance of work-in-progress cat wreath story (video here of the first half- youtube only permitting 10mins, this is the first time I have really been able to view self as not recorded self performing much before )

here’s some points from the feedback:

• Drew connections to spalding gray- performative presentation

• My outfit (floral, vintage, colour ) harmonised with the objects and the story

• Choice of objects, suitcase, washbag all very fitting, like stuff left when your gran died- simple objects to manipulate during story.

• The way the story was told was beautiful and had was it real/fiction issues but doesn’t matter- the universal issue of tragic news, behaving inappropriately in formal occasions, and the not knowing how to behave

• Liked the temporality of entering and leaving with all the objects- BUT should have done this with everything- i.e projector as well- need to find a more portable projector for this though, in a suitcase? Performance felt too tech heavy, rehearse to keep it fluid or lose stuff!

• Photographic process simpler with the erasing image than the digital- need the digital one?

• Some felt it was disappointing to see the cat wreath image- I had formed a mental picture and seeing it spoilt that (oh, I didn’t think it would look like that), almost like showing the punchline.

• Seeing it thinking it fake (would I really erase a family image in an album?) calls into question the authenticity of the story. Taking the photo out of the album, you can see its thin paper, not old- either use older thinker paper, or disguise this- no take it out? Erase, then close the album, back into the suitcase?

• Positioning the projector- hard to see to left of me- reconsider the staging- should have been sat on the floor with audience- proximity too far to see all objects/image, and needed longer to see it. Project image behind me the whole time of the sunprint?

• Good sense of intimacy and the personal in the story- people had a story like that

• Liked being in the light- some too scared to go in the closet darkroom- does this offer me a two phase performance- my story to a group, then invite to the shed if they want to come and share their stories? If too prepared with props/objects etc then this could put people off?

• Liked the magical in seeing the sunprint trace begin to disappear although very gradual- increase strength of light/proximity to fade it quicker?

• Thought old lady glass bottle was going to contain a cat smell! They could smell the nail varnish 2 metres away

• Possible dress the space- wallpaper, clock, etc- although it was also said that this makes it too theatrical

• Tension and aggression in the destroying the image no needed- too much- keep it calm and keep being self. The darkness juxtaposition to the humour in the story- find more sophisticated ways to present this

• No need to tear up the images. Retain the cat wreath photo in the album once erased?

• Other ways to create instant temporality- like the shredder?

• Discussed erasing other funeral images- erasing people- no. liked the idea of erasing the cat wreath photo as that was the thing that I want to forget, that caused the embarrassment at the funeral. Erasing the memory, erasing the joke

• If a two part performance- just use erasing technique, then save the photogram for the shed one-to-one

I'm really interested in the idea of a 2 phase performance-in daylight in a group and then one-to-one and in the dark, needs more consideration of the WHY and HOW, so all can witness my show, and willing participants come to the shed (follow me out of the door with the suitcase?) Also- performative self. Need to ensure its not verging on theatrical- keep it true to the EEC and nunnery- I AM ME.

How does this piece work in the space outside theatre? Or if it goes elsewhere -where? And the use of the origianl idea of overlooked? .....

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