Wednesday, 20 August 2008

post shed build-into show build

experiments with trying to make an image invertor for the camera obscura based on SLR prism principles and lots of 45 degrees

ok- am trying to make a darkroom safelight using a torch and safety filter- kodak oc, light amber. this colour should continue the campfire glow from the big shed created by the knots in the wood, rather than the more seedy red light of a darkroom i have used to date. today was a day spending time at b&q checking out sizes of torch to size of safety light and fiddling with gaffer- to find the high (55W) wattage of the light started to bleach out the safety filter! tried to change the halogen bulb to 15W but all soldered in and too time consuming- no more time to spend on this- the orange LED of my other torch will suffice- its not an absolute darkroom after all as the image isn't fixed anyway...which also means am only worrying about white light and the knots in the wood in the little shed i will let shine through as well.

also got an old pair of glasses for 2 quid on ebay with a +2 diopter to cut for the camera obscura simple lens to ensure it focuses in close proximity and good lumens to the back of the shed

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