Wednesday, 9 July 2008

MA Scratch Show One- 8th July- homemade speakers-thoughts

ok- so it was suggested yesterday in the first scratch of my MA show to think more about the shed technology overall- one thing in this manicly short space of time to think about adapting for scratch two tomorrow.
this was thought especially towards audio (if i was to try not being in the shed myself all the time or not at all, and instead being in the other shed.) the suggestion was for simple home made speakers- along the lines of tin can telephone technology-although this requires taught string to work. I had intended to get a camping/shed light to hang up as the source of light in the room rather than the angle poised light which needs electricity, so need to investigate more of this sort of stuff which can be temporal, brought out and put away.

some first investigations into homemade speakers just to see what's out there on the www; using household materials. however this is about amplifying the sound from an the low cost :)

or the recycled boom box speaker phones? this is very one-to-one, and very granddad

is there anything more like the tin can string idea? the other idea I'm pondering is to use walkie talkies- this and baby monitors has come up in my research as to how people communicate from the shed to the house. (usually, your dinner's ready, x is on the phone, etc) but, does this lose the being together in the moment, present-ness, proximity? NEEDS TESTING! the camera obscura image will be far away of me unless sheds very close together- try standing much closer to the window? Does this suddenly become a one-on-one, walkie talkie to walkie talkie, scenario? or do the 6 people huddle round the walkie talkie in the shed? how are they given the walkie talkie? is it still a one-way conversation? if so, people will have the controls or maybe the thinking as its a two way device, they should be responding? I'm not going to solve this by the second scratch tomorrow but could beg/borrow some walkie talkies and try something out?....although the point was that the big shed participants were to be as though spying on me via the camera obscura image- so the walkie talkie use dispels that myth- or does it -aarggh....i think on...maybe its a piece where half the time i'm in the big shed and half via walkie talkie with me outside 'in the other shed?' how would this change the piece?

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