Thursday, 10 April 2008

the-space-in-between- first performance planning visit

google found image of textile factory worker (relating to actual history)- issue of being on office door when this activity would have been in the main space

is this site of projection more relevant- onto peeled back traces of deconstructed layers of old surface patterned wallpaper yet the image is an opposing one of textiles production? the way the image now behaves- changes to the projection through surface colour, texture, contour making the projected image in site more fragmented, delapidated, murky and less visible in places, and thus emblematic of a redundant manufacturing activity?

although this is again projecting in the office i like the architectural matching of real vents with virtual window frames, the light cast from the projection defining through shadow the form of the vent, the tear in the wallpaper across the virtual textiles worker's face- how things are breaking up against the rigid lines of machines and repetition of the processes of the industry

site visit- some thoughts-

ok so apart from the fact that 55 leroy street was bloody freezing and nearly lost the circulation in my feet (!) it was a very productive visit in our site investigation, experimenting with both our known histories of the site and inventing fictional ones through moving around the space recording our thoughts. on here are first trials of projected images i had brought with me of offices, factories now cast across the dilapidated surfaces, looking at the interplay of surface and site now affecting the reading of images- not considering the performance body yet as a physical interaction with it (we are devising the performance first) but investigating what the temporal virtual photographic projection offers this space to suggest possible kinds of projections/ interesting locations of projections within the performance. all of the investigations were with multimedia projector merely for convenience in this trial- if the images are nostalgic/bygone era then possible old slide projector that reinforces this? in this small factory space it would be difficult to conceal the technolgical apparatus so making it part of it (old history-old projector, new, fantasy future identity- digital projector??)

the first thing that occurs to me is the odd feeling i have with looking back at these photos i took- composed, constructed images merely as documentation- subjectively framing a trial (to look at surface image qualities) not as an end product i have always been used to creating (although i do like these as images i must not get sidetracked!!!) - this is the first time on the course this has really sunk in how much my relationship to photography has shifted; how its has become a tool to help me devise performance work (to show me what i looked like in the body sculptures of the objects and atmospheres workshop), and also a temporal process within work (photograms, projections, etc)

more photos to follow...

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